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Australian Cosplayer Scene Alert: Bryce Dulaurent

At SMASH! over the last weekend, one Bryce Dulaurent (Blackiichann) was posing as a cosplay interviewer. During these interviews, he would act lecherously - an example of this would be his asking for a kiss on the cheek, then turning to kiss them as they did so, turning an already gross and pressured experience into a sexual assault. 

During these interviews, he would also ask extremely inappropriate questions on topics such as the cosplayer’s sex life and whether cosplaying got them laid - this also extended to him requesting sexual acts from cosplayers. When requested to stop with inappropriate questions or mentioning relationship status, he would ignore the requests and continue. He would also pose for photos with cosplayers and proceed to grope the cosplayer he was posing with. He would deliberately stand with his hand just above the cosplayers bum or chest when posing with them. 

You can see in the second attached photos that this was one of the videos he posted, which he was or is also looking to post to a YouTube channel. However the original Instagram preview has since been removed after he claimed they “weren’t assault”.

Reports around the con scene have made it known that he’s also done this at Sydney Supanova. As the 2014 Vice-Convenor of AVCon, I suggest if anyone sees this guy at any conventions, you immediately report him to staff or a higher officer of the event to have him escorted off site and/or contact the appropriate authorities. If you experience his behaviour and you are willing to do so, you can also submit an incident report to the event organiser.

All Australian cons have been alerted to his behaviour and are in discussion for how to make Australian cons a much safer place from people and behaviour like this.

Here are his accounts:


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The Strength of a Princess

OK…I’m all for gender equality but I honestly don’t see the Disney Princesses as sexist. Who says they aren’t strong? Just because we may not see a feat of “strength” from them in the movie doesn’t mean they aren’t strong! Maybe the cameras just didn’t capture any of their “powerful” moments! lol

However, since it seems to be a popular topic here’s my input.

Why the Princesses are strong….

Snow White: She grew up having a stepmother that hated her and yet she stayed. It was her home, she didn’t want to leave it but she did in the end when the Evil Queen tried to have her killed and I think leaving the home you’ve known your ENTIRE life is a pretty strong thing to do. It cant have been easy for Snow, especially since she had no where to go but she managed and I think she is quite brave. Especially in the days that Snow White was set…in real life a person who ran away from home and had no prospects of going anywhere probably would have died!

Cinderella: Her step family abused the SHIT out of her but she remained forever gentle and kind. That takes a STRONG person to do that…plus…Cinderella ALWAYS listened to her stepmother and by going to the ball she disobeyed her. BIG step for Cindy I reckon!

Aurora: One day she thinks she’s a peasant, the next moment she finds out she’s a Princess. She cries of course, I certainly would. Out of fear! Hell…I’m a Princess….SHUT….UP! It would be a very hard transition and I personally would fight. “Fuck you Flora, Fauna and Merryweather…I aint royalty! If it means I cant be with my soul mate then screw you!” however I’m much more crude than Aurora is so she goes. She’s not submissive, she just realizes that a Princess has responsibilities.

Jasmine: Another Princess who disobeys her father. She’s not allowed to leave the palace? Screw you pop, I’m going out and I’m going to get in to trouble and almost have my hand chopped off but I get to see how other people live. She also protests to an arranged marriage. Good on ya, Jasmine!

Belle: Belle gave up her LIFE for her father. You do realize that right? She gave up her life to save someone she loved. There’s no greater power or strength or feat or bravery in the world than sacrificing herself for the person you love.

Ariel: Again, she gave up her life AND family to follow her dreams. Who in the real world hasn’t left their family and home behind in order to do something with their life? It takes guts to give up what you know to try something different. I think Ariel is strong and brave. She doesn’t give up either…just when she thinks she isn’t going to get her love and the audience feels for her she fights back!

Rapunzel: Rapunzel has been cooped up inside her whole life. She’s been fed lies about how scary the world is and how cruel the people are but she puts that fear aside in order to follow her dreams AND she stands up to Mother Gothel as well. Not to mention telling MG that if she saves Flynn’s life she’ll stay a magic hair slave forever. Again, she sacrifices herself for love.

Mulan: Well…not much to say here! She defies her traditions and saves her father’s life in the process as well as saving China! Even when her army and her love “dishonor” her she fights back and continues with her mission. It takes strength and bravery not to give up.

Tiana: She works hard in order to make her dreams come true. She could have begged Charlotte for money, Charlotte probably would have given it to her but she didn’t. She wanted to keep her father’s memory alive and that meant listening to his guidance. Even when her restaurant is taken away from her and then her human-ness as well it gives her the strength to keep believing. Not to mention when she realizes that love is also something she needs to manages to tone down that ego of her’s and know it’s OK to do something for yourself. Tiana is driven and she has a beautiful and strong heart and mind.

Pocahontas: Two cultures are fighting, pretty much to the death and she does what she can to try and get them to see eye to eye. Can you imagine trying to be the voice between America and Iraq for example? Can you imagine stopping the hate and the war and helping those 2 countries find peace? That’s pretty much what Pocahontas did. I think she’s badass.

Merida: Another woman that fights the arranged marriage crap. She makes many mistakes as we all do, like turning her mum in to a bear but she owns up to those mistakes and does what she can to make things right. A lot of people would rather ignore the situation and hope it goes away. Not Merida, she knows she made a mess and has to fix it and in the end she does!

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On friday, I went to school in my Grell cosplay. On friday, I wanted to celebrate a fun day with some friends I met at a convention who are attempting to put on a nearly impossible show. On friday, I went to school expecting a few strange looks, confused questions, rude comments, and maybe even a few laughs.

What I didn’t expect was that I would be attacked by someone that I had never even seen before.

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This behavior is absolutely disgusting. I hope those bullies and that attacker get what’s coming to them!!!

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Beauty and the Beast - Something There - Nina Stallmann (cover)

Please go to the link and watch my video :D I hope you like it!

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Cosplay Couture interpretation of Khan Noonien Singh/John Harrison from Star Trek:Into Darkness

Costume (Shirt, jacket and coat) and styling by Courtney Coulson

Photography by Luke Milton

Location Claremont Quarter carpark

I love Star Trek, Benedict Cumberbatch, Khan and the costume designer Michael Kaplan and this year they all came together in one to create a seriously cool villain.

The moment I saw Khan I was in love with his fashion-forward look, Benedict always rocks the long coats and high collars. And that hair, I had to get it cut like that whether I did this shoot or not, it’s so damn cool!

My auburn hair has kind of become a signature part of my look throughout these shoots, but every once in awhile I find it’s not approriate for a certain character, Khan being one of them. I used a temporary rinse, the auburn still kind of shows through, but it’s darker at least.

I spent a long time really considering the designs and styling, I redesigned the silver coat a few times. The black jacket is a reference to the shirt he wears once he has been taken aboard the Enterprise with subtle nods to the other variations of the Starfleet uniform. For these designs I was looking at asymmetry and complex lines, triangular shapes being my main inspiration. There’s somethig about triangles that are aggressive and masculine to me.

Khan wears five coats in total, two silver, one black and one brown, the fifth being the alternate brown coat he wears in some promotional photos which has a similar but distinctly different look to the one used in the film. My silver coat is a mash-up of all of them. I chose silver because nothing sells the idea of futuristic like silver. The upper half is lined with a silk/cotton which was originally peach, when I dyed it grey it still retained a lot of that pinky quality on the other side. Unfortunatley it doesn’t really read on camera but it does have an odd shimmery quality, grey with flecks of pinks and purple.The collar and right lapel is quilted, which was the most time consuming part. The lower half of the coat was left deliberately unlined to keep it as light as possible, it creates quite a dramatic look when walking or it’s windy.

And it was pretty windy when we shot, great for the coat, but not so much for the hair. I had to use so much product and continually comb it to keep it up. Thankfully Khan has it down just as often as he has it slicked back so I had options to play with.

The last time I “played” Benedict, in my Sherlock shoot, I kept the make-up fairly subtle and androgynous, it was all about trying to emulate the shape of his face. This time around I did pretty much the same thing with the exception of the eyes. I went with a really heavy all black smokey eye, because nothing says fashionably badass quite like it!

Finally the biggest challenge turned out to be body language/mannerisms. I have spent quite a while studying the way Khan moves, it’s this distinct, rigid economy of movement. He’s got the posture of a supersoldier as you would expect. Although he gets to move around alot in combat, his general state of being is standing or sitting perfectly straight with only the slightest robotic tilts of his head. Usually I try to mix a bit of fashion modelling in there, but it felt wrong for Khan, in fact a lot of things did. So Khan ended up being more subtle in a way, I focused on channeling that imposing unnatural posture, the intense facials expressions.

-Courtney Coulson

Courtney is by far a bigger fan than I am of this particular character, and to be honest it wasn’t something I was overly excited about when we first started discussing this one. However, seeing the amazing designs for the jacket quickly changed my mind. I love the sleekness and audaciousness of futuristic clothing - it’s hard thing to get right, but I think Courtney managed to find that balance. I knew straight away that the silver jacket was going to be the star of the shoot and she ended up making the very impressive black under jacket as well.

Location wise this was all about finding sleek, white, metal environments. The car park is a little grungier than I intended but I still think it works. Khan is often seen operating within the futuristic city in the film, so it’s not a bad fit, even when nondescript signage and things appear in the background. I really wanted these to almost look black and white, with the main bursts of colour being the lips and eyes. The goal was to make things as slick as absolutely possible.
Luke Milton


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